6th EuroConference on Solid State Ionics

September 12-19, 1999

Cetraro, Calabria (Italy)

Conference Publications: IONICS Journal Volume 6


Werner Weppner
Sensors and Solid State Ionics
Technical Faculty
Christian-Albrechts University
Kaiserstr. 2
D-24143 Kiel, Germany
Tel.: +49-431-77572-550
Fax: +49-431-77572-553

e-mail: ww [at] tf [dot] uni-kiel [dot] de

Scientific Committee

E. Cazzanelli, Trento, Italy
U. Guth, Greifswald, Germany
R.A. Huggins, Kiel, Germany
N. Inoue, Ehime, Japan
J.T.S. Irvine, St. Andrews, UK
C. Julien, Paris, France
J.A. Kilner, London, UK
F.M.B. Marques, Aveiro, Portugal
B. Scrosati, Rome, Italy
K.A.T. Thoma, Patras, Greece
J. Vangrunderbeek, Mol, Belgium
C. Vayenas, Patras, Greece
O. Yamamoto, Tsu, Japan
A.R. West, Aberdeen, Scotland

The Conference is sponsored by the European Community DG XII: Science, Research and Development within the framework of the program "Training and Mobility of Researchers".

Scope of the Conference

Solid State Ionics is presently a very rapidly developing field. It is based on the phenomenon of fast ion transport in solids. For an increasing number of materials, predominant ionic conductivity at ambient or elevated temperatures has been found which is comparable to that of liquid electrolytes. The ionic conductivity can be of the same order of magnitude as the electronic conductivity in semiconductors. This effect offers many opportunities for new technologies. There is a tremendous potential of important practical applications in fields such as environmental protection, process control, energy conversion and storage, which can have a major impact on renewable energy technologies.

The Conference will provide a worldwide international and interdisciplinary forum for all aspects of science and technology of Solid State Ionics. The participation of young researchers entering the field as well as researchers from related fields is greatly welcome.

Special emphasis will be given to the most recent scientific aspects of understanding ionic transport in solids, technological opportunities and problems of the latest practical developments. Especially important are phenomena at junctions between ionic and electronic conductors. The simultaneous exchange of ions and electrons at these interfaces offers a new range of opportunities beyond previous devices. Thermodynamic and kinetic processes will be discussed, related to both fundamental understanding and applications.

The following fundamental topics will be covered:

  • Inorganic Cationic Conductors
  • Oxygen Ion and Other Anionic Conductors
  • Proton Conductors
  • Amorphous Conductors/Glasses
  • Polymers
  • Biological/Organic Ion Conductors
  • Mixed Ionic-Electronic Conductors, Electrodes
  • Semiconductor Ionics
  • Intercalation Processes
  • Electrochemical Promotion
  • Solid State Polyphase Reactions
  • Surfaces/Interfaces/Grain Boundaries
  • Theory, Modeling
  • Crystallographic and Microstructural Aspects of Ionic Motion
  • Experimental Techniques
  • Thin Films, Layers and Microionics
  • Other Fundamental Aspects of Solid State Ionics

Special attention will be paid to the upcoming technologies of Ionics. The following topics will be extensively discussed:

  • Sensors
  • Electrochromics
  • Fuel and Hydrolysis Cells
  • Batteries
  • Supercapacitors
  • Electrochemically Promoted Reactions
  • Other Applications

Outline of the Organisation of the Conference

The conference will be held at Grand Hotel San Michele, Cetraro (Cosenza), Calabria, Italy. The hotel is located right on the coastline of the Tyrrhenian Sea. The airport of Lamezia Terme is within a distance of 80 km; transfer time is about 1 hr. Lamezia Terme is readily reached by scheduled and many charter flights.

The Conference will start on Sunday evening, Sept. 12, 1999, with a welcome reception and will end on Sunday, Sept. 19, 1999, after breakfast. Sessions will be organized from Monday through Saturday in the style of a workshop with informal atmosphere. The location provides many possibilities for a variety of activities to enhance personal interactions.

There will be morning and afternoon sessions which start with invited lectures of distinguished speakers. Contributed papers will be presented orally (20 and 30 mins) with time allowed for discussions or/and as posters. It is anticipated that no parallel sessions will be held. The conference language will be English.

Copies of all Abstracts will be distributed to participants upon arrival at the hotel. Full length papers (proceedings) will be published and will appear in the journal Ionics.

A package price has been arranged which will include 7 days of half-board accommodation at Grand Hotel San Michele (bed, breakfast, coffee breaks and dinner), registration, banquet, excursion, proceedings etc. All participants are expected to stay at the Grand Hotel San Michele. If, by special reasons, a different arrangement is requested, please, contact the chairman of the Conference.

The Conference is organized within the framework of the European program "Training and Mobility of Researchers". Especially, the participation of young researchers is encouraged.

Conference Address

Grand Hotel San Michele
Contrada Bosco 8/9
87022 Cetraro (Cosenza)Calabria, Italy
Tel.: +39-0982-91012/-91013
Fax: +39-0982-91430
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


(for receipt of mail by the chairman)
Submission of:
Short Abstracts June 1, 1999
Full Length Manuscripts Sept. 1, 1999
Registration (incl. hotel reservation) for reduced fee: June 1, 1999

Please, note that the number of participants is limited to the availability of rooms at the hotel. Early registration is therefore strongly recommended.

Short Abstracts and Manuscripts should be mailed to
Prof. Dr. W. Weppner
Christian-Albrechts University
Kaiserstr. 2
D-24143 Kiel, Germany
Tel.: +49-431-77 572 550
Fax: +49-431-77 572 553
e-mail: ww [at] tf [dot] uni-kiel [dot] de

Layout of Abstract

Abstracts should be prepared camera-ready and typed as neatly as possible on regular white bond paper, lines 1 1/2 spaced, characters preferably Times 12 points.

The title should be written in capital letters, followed by a space line, the names of the authors, their affiliations (both in upper/lower case letters) and another space line. The headings of the abstract should be centered. Leave an upper margin of 3 cm.

Indents rather than space lines should be used for starting new paragraphs. Figures should be pasted into appropriate spaces as originals, glossy prints or good copies. The lettering should have approximately the size of the typed text or slightly less. Do not draw any boundary lines. The Abstracts will be reproduced camera-ready and distributed to the participants upon arrival at the Conference hotel.

upper margin: 3 cm
height: not more than 23 cm
width: 15 cm

Submission of Abstracts and Manuscripts

All abstracts must meet the deadline of June 1, 1999. The abstract should be submitted camera-ready in the format as indicated at the back of the registration form (Size: 15 cm x 23 cm). Any figures and/or tables should be mounted in the text.

Full length papers are due by Sept. 1, 1999. There is no special restriction to the length. It should be appropriate to the content and should be chosen according to the general standards of original communications. All manuscripts will be carefully reviewed to meet the highest scientific standards. The text should be provided on a 3.5" (or, if necessary, on a 5.25") disc using any major text processing program on PC or Mac. MS Word on Macintosh or PC is preferred. Figures should be provided as originals. Two printed versions of the manuscript, including figures, are required for reference and reviewing.

The final format of the paper will be set by the publisher according to the standards of the proceedings. To simplify this process, some rules should be obeyed. The type style should be Times. The size of the regular letters should be 12 points. References should be given by square brackets [ ] on the same line as the regular text. Every figure should be cited in the text. Figure caption should be given on a separate sheet.

All abstracts and full length manuscripts should be submitted to the chairman of the Conference.

Registration and Accommodation

A package fee is charged which includes registration, proceedings, social events and seven days of half board accommodation.

Active Participants:
- if fee is paid before June 1, 1999
sharing a double room DM 1290,-
single room (number restricted) DM 1590,-
sharing a three-bed room DM 1200,-
- if fee is paid later than June 1, 1999
sharing a double room DM 1490,-
single room (number restricted) DM 1790,-
sharing a three-bed room DM 1350,-

Non-active Participants:
sharing a double room DM 980,-
sharing a three-bed room DM 890,- 

Participation will be limited to the available number of rooms. Early registration is therefore strongly recommended.

In detail the fee covers:
Admission to the technical sessions (active participants only)
Copy of the Abstracts Volume (active participants only)
Conference Proceedings (active participants only)
7 days half board accommodation (bed, breakfast and dinner) at Grand Hotel San Michele
Coffee, soft drinks during the breaks, Conference banquet
Other social events (welcome reception)

The fee should be paid preferably by check, money order or transferred to account number 49 411 00 at Deutsche Bank Stuttgart (bank code 600 700 70). The payment should be in German Marks. Exceptionally, you may also pay by various major credit cards. 

Refund Policy
Refund for Cancellation before June 1, 1999: 90 %
between June 1 and July 30, 1999: 70 %
after July 30, 1999 and no-shows: 30 %

Travel Information

Calabria is the most southern region of the Italy peninsula and is still unspoiled by tourism. The area fascinates by a variety of different landscapes: Wild mountainous countrysides with elevations more than 2000 m, white sandy beaches, rocky coastlines and the clear blue waters of the Tyrrhenian and Ionian Sea.

Calibria's history dates back 3000 years. In the 8th century BC the inhabitants (Enotri, Coni and Italici) became part of Magna Grecia's civilization. The towns of Sibari, Crotone and Locri developed a high degree of civilization and prosperity. The further history is characterized by many invasions, foreign dominations and assimilations. Romans, Goths, Longobardes, Byzantines, Saracenes, Normans, Stauffers, Anjous, Aragonians and Bourbones have left many architectural and cultural memories.

The conference hotel is located right at the Tyrrhenian Sea on State Road 18 Tirrena Inferiore, km 293.1, near Cetraro (Cosenza). It is situated in a panoramic location 140 m above sea level, with an elevator down to the private beaches.

The nearest airport is Lamezia Terme with scheduled flights and many charter flights from all major European cities. Cetraro may be also readily reached by train or car. The nearest train station is Páola (Cosenza).

The distance from Lamezia Terme airport to the hotel is 80 km. The transfer takes about 1h. There will be a complimentary bus service on Sunday, Sept. 12th and Sunday, Sept. 19th. If you want to be picked up, please let us know before Sept. 6th.


Some support will be available from the European Community specifically for young European Researchers and participants from Eastern European Countries. A Mixed Committee of the Organizer and the European Community will decide on the distribution of the available funds. An informal application should be sent to the Chairman of the Conference as early as possible with a short statement of the personal situation. Copies of relevant documents, if appropriate, should be included. The type of support requested (reduction in fee, travel funds) should be indicated. Deadline for the application of support is April 30, 1999.

Extended Stay at Grand Hotel San Michele

Grand Hotel San Michele is a marvellous place and you may wish to stay longer and/or arrive earlier. However, limited space is available. It is therefore necessary to make early reservations. Please, contact directly the Manager of the Hotel to make your own arrangements:

Tel. +39-0982-91012/-91013 ; Fax: +39-0982-91430
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Euroconferences on Solid State Ionics are being organized by the Institute for Ionics

The 6th Euroconference on Solid State Ionics is sponsered by:

- The European Community
- The University of Calabria
- The Regional Government of Calabria