IONICS Journal Volume 6

  • IONICS Journal Vol. 6, No. 1 & 2 (2000)
  • IONICS Journal Vol. 6, No. 3 & 4 (2000)
  • IONICS Journal Vol. 6, No. 5 & 6 (2000)

IONICS Journal Vol. 6, No. 1 & 2 (2000)

S.P.S. Badwal and F.T. Ciacchi

Oxygen-Ion Conducting Electrolyte Materials for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells 



F.M.B. Marques

On the Accuracy of Oxygen Pressure Measurements 



C. Julien

4-Volt Cathode Materials for Rechargeable Lithium Batteries Wet-Chemistry Synthesis, Structure and Electrochemistry 



N. Kusaba, G. Sakai, N. Miura and N. Yamazoe

Phase Transformation and Oxygen Permeation Properties of Partially Substituted Strontium Cobaltite - Influences of B-site Partial Substitution - 



R.A. Huggins and W.D. Nix

Decrepitation Model for Capacity Loss During Cycling of Alloys in Rechargeable Electrochemical Systems 



H.P. He, X.J. Huang and L.Q. Chen

A Practice of Single Layer Solid Oxide Fuel Cell 



V. Thangadurai and W. Weppner

Effect of B-Site Substitution of (Li,La)TiO3 Perovskites by Di-, Tri- Tetra- and Hexavalent Metal Ions on the Lithium Ion Conductivity 



S. Bredikhin

Light Induced Phenomena in Superionic Crystals 



Jong H. Jang, Ji H. Ryu and Seung M. Oh

Microstructure of Ni/YSZ Cermets According to Particle Size of Precursor Powders and their Anodic Performances in SOFC 



T. Bak, J. Nowotny, M. Rekas, C.C. Sorrell and S. Sugihara

Properties of the Electrode Mateial LixCoO2 



N. Inoue, K. Oiwa and T. Hayashi

Mixes Alkali Effect in a Three Dimensional Structure NASICON 



S. Chandra, S.S. Sekhon and Narinder Arora

PMMA Based Protonic Polymer Gel Electrolytes 



C. Pliangos, C. Raptis, Th. Badas and C.G. Vayenas

Electrochemical Promotion of NO Reduction by C3H6 and CO on Rh/YSZ Catalyst-Electrodes 



S. D’Andrea, S. Panero, P. Reale and B. Scrosati

Advanced Lithium Ion Battery Materials 



J. Santos-Peña, T. Brousse and D.M. Schleich

Mg2Si and MSi2 (M = Ca, Fe) Silicon Alloys as Possible Anodes for Lithium Batteries 



S. Schmidt, F. Berckemeyer and W. Weppner

Investigations of Electronic Minority Charge Carrier Conductivity in La0.9Sr0.1Ga0.8Mg0.2O2.85 



K.L. Duncan and E.D. Wachsman

A Model for the Spatial Distribution and Transport Properties of Defects in Mixed Ionic-Electronic Conductors
Part I: Defect Concentration - Pressure Relationships and the Spatial Distibution of Defects 



Yumi H. Ikuhara, Yuji Iwamoto, Koichi Kikuta nad Shin-ichi Hirano

Precursor Derived LiMn2O4 Thin Films as Ionic Conductor 



IONICS Journal Vol. 6, No. 3 & 4 (2000)

H. Tributsch

Light Driven Proton Pumps 



H. Buqa, R.I.R. Blyth, P. Golob, B. Evers, I. Schneider, M.V. Santis Alvarez, F. Hofer, F.P. Netzer, M.G. Ramsey, M. Winter and J.O. Besenhard

Negative Electrodes in Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries - Influence of Graphite Surface Modification on the Formation of the Solid Electrolyte Interphase 



S. Gunst, A. Klein, W. Jaegermann, Y. Tomm, H.J. Crawack and H. Jungblut

Intercalation and Deintercalation of Transition Metal Dichalcogenides: Nanostructuring of Intercalated Phases by Scanning Probe Microscopy 



S. Bredikhin, V. Kveder, A. Shalynin, R. Nikoleav and Yu. Ossipyan

Pecularity of Lithium Electrodiffusion into Fulleride Single Crystals 



D. Tonti, C. Pettenkofer and W. Jaegermann

In-Situ Photoelectron Spectroscopy Study of a TiS2 Thin Film Cathode in an Oparating Na Intercalation Electrochemical Cell 



R. Chithra Devi and S. Selvasekarapandian

Study of the Superionic System AgI-PbI2-Ag2O-B2O3 



J. Prakash, L. Redey and D.R. Vissers

Effect of Chemical Additives on the Performance of Na/NiCl2Cells 



R. Chandrasekaran and S. Selladurai

A New Type of Electrochemical Cell Based on the Configuration NaI | PEG | I2 



C. Schwandt ad D.J. Fray

Hydrogen Sensing in Molten Aluminium Using a Commercial Electrochemical Sensor 



P. Jasiñski and A. Nowakowski

Simultaneous Detection of Sulphur Dioxide and Nitrogen Dioxide by Nasicon Sensor with Platinum Electrodes 



A.L. Nadolsky, J.E. Krzhivitskaya, N.N. Matkina and N.N. Torgashova

Electrical Studies of Surface Reconstruction resulting from Chalcogen Evaporation at the AgdX/Vacuum Interface (X = S, Se) 



L.R.A.K. Bandara, M.A.K.L. Dissanayake, M. Furlani and B.-E. Mellander

Broad Band Dielectric Behaviour of Plasticized PEO-based Solid Polymer Electrolytes 



S.A. Hashmi, H.M. Upadhyaya, Awalendra K. Thakur and A.L. Verma

Experimental Investigations on Poly(Ethylene Oxide) Based Sodium Ion Conducting Composite Polymer Electrolytes Dispersed with SnO2 



F.M. Figueiredo, F.M.B. Marques and J.R. Frade

Electrode Processes of LaCoO3+La2Zr2O7 Cathodes Deposited onto GCO 



S.J. Harris and R.V. Kumar

Electrochemical Cleaning of Metallic Surfaces 



A. Ringuedà, J.R. Frade and J.A. Labrincha

Combustion Synthesis of Zirconia-based Cermet Powders 



A. Rizea, M. Filal, D. Chirlesan, F. Lacour-Laher, C. Petot and G. Petot-Ervas

Grain Boundary Conductivity of Yttria-doped Zirconia: 
Influence of the Microstructure and Composite Effect 



S. Rajendran and T. Uma

Effect of Ceramic Oxide on PVC-PMMA Hybrid Polymer Electrolytes 



I. Kosacki and H.U. Anderson

Microstructure - Property Relationships in Nonocrystalline Oxide Thin Films 



P.K. Shukla and S.L. Agrawal

Effect of PVAc Dispersal into PVA-NH4SCN Polymer Electrolyte 



IONICS Journal Vol. 6, No. 5 & 6 (2000)

P. Poizot, S. Laruelle, S. Grugeon, L. Dupont and J.-M. Tarascon

From the Vanadates to 3d-Metal Oxides Negative Electrodes



S.C. Mailley, A. Keladopoulou, A. Siddle, A.L. Dicks, P. Holtappels, C.E. Hatchwell and M. Mogensen

Electrocatalytic Activity of a Gd2Ti0.6Mo1.2Sc0.2O7-d Anode Towards Hydrogen Methane Electro-Oxidation in a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell 



K.K. Hansen, H. Christensen and E.M. Skou

Electrochemical Reduction of NO and O2 on Oxide Based Electrodes



D. Westphal, A. Laske, S. Jakobs and U. Guth

Structural and Electrical Investigations of (Y,Gd)1-xCr0.8Ga0.2O3 



V. Trnovcovà, N.I. Sorokin, P.P. Fedorov, E.A. Krivandina, T. Sràmkovà and B.P. Sobolov 

Electrical Properties of Heavily Doped Fluorite-Structured BaF2:RF3 (R = La, Pr, Nd, Gd, Tb, Y, Sc) Single Crystals



J. Zosel, K. Ahlborn, W. Fichtner, R. Müller and U. Guth

Investigations on Selected Gallium Doped Lanthanum Chromites as Electrode Materials for HC Detection



F. Fourgeot, S. Deabate, F. Henn and M. Costa

Joined Ellipsometry and Voltametry Investigation on the Second Discharge Plateau in Ni(OH)2 



T. Schober

High-Temperature Proton Conductors: Hydrogen Injection and Pumping



P. Shuk, M. Greenblatt and T. Blanar

Hydrothermally Prepared Oxide-Ion and Mixed Conductors Based on CeO2 



F. Tailoka, D.J. Fray and R.V. Kumar 

Humidity Sensing Under Aggressive Conditions Using Nafion Conductors 



S.W. Tao and J.T.S. Irvine

Synthesis and Ionic Conduction of Apatite-Type Materials



R. Dedryvére, J. Olivier-Fourcade and J.C. Jumas

Physical Investigation of the Mechanisms of Lithium Insertion in Sulfides as Anode Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries



Ming Chen, Ting-Lian Wen and Zhi-Yi Lu

Microstructure and Conductivity of Alumina-Fiber-Doped YSZ Membranes 



M. Deepa, N. Sharma, P. Varshney, S.A. Agnihotry and R. Chandra

An Insight Into the Interactions Between LiN(CF3SO2)2 - gBL/DMF - PMMA by FTIR Spectroscopy 



S. Deabate, F. Fourgeot and F. Henn

Structural Modifications Induced by the Second Discharge Process in the Ni(OH)2/NiOOH Redox System



P.A. Connor and J.T.S. Irvine

X-Ray Study of Metal Oxide Based Anodes for Li-Ion Batteries 



S. Castro-Garcìa, C. Julien, M.A. Señarìs-Rodrìguez, D. Mazas-Brandariz

Influence of the Sythesis Method on the Structural and Electrochemical Properties of LiCo1-yNiyO2 Oxides



E.E. Fokkens, O. Schäf and U. Guth

The Monitoring of Water and Water Vapour Diffusion into Clay by Impedance Spectroscopy 



C. Julien

Structure, Morphology and Electrochemistry of Doped Lithium Cobald Oxides 



S. Panero, P. Reale, F. Ronci, V. Rossi Alberini and B. Scrosati

Structural And Electrochemical Study On Li(Li1/3Ti5/3)O4Anode Material For Lithium Ion Batteries 



E.A. Raekelboom, A.L. Hector, M.T. Weller and J.R. Owen

Electrochemical Properties and Structures of the Mixed-Valence Lithium Cuprates Li3Cu2O4 and Li2NaCu2O4 



S. Franger, S. Bach, J.P. Pereira-Ramos and N. Baffier

Influence of Cobalt Ions on the Electrochemical Properties of Lamellar Manganese Oxides