IONICS Journal Volume 8

IONICS Journal Vol. 8, No. 1-2 (2002)

Cathodic characteristics of amorphous manganese oxides as lithium secondary battery
H. Yagi, T. Ichikawa, A. Hirano, N. Imanishi, S. Ogawa, Y. Takeda
Pages 1-5

Structural transitions in positive electrodes for Li-ion batteries the vibronic approach
C. Julien, M. Massot
Pages 6-16

Characterization of phospho-olivines as materials for Li-ion cell cathodes
M. Piana, M. Arrabito, S. Bodoardo, A. D'Epifanio, D. Satolli, F. Croce…
Pages 17-26

Comparison of the electrochemical behaviour of SnO2 and PbO2 negative electrodes for lithium ion batteries
I. Sandu, T. Brousse, J. Santos-Peña, M. Danot, D. M. Schleich
Pages 27-35

Characterization of PEO-lithium triflate polymer electrolytes: Conductivity, DSC and Raman Investigations
T. Caruso, S. Capoleoni, E. Cazzanelli, R. G. Agostino, P. Villano, S. Passerini
Pages 36-43

Electrochemical and thermal properties of hyperbranched polymer electrolytes for batteries
Takahito Itoh, Motoka Ikeda, Nobuyuki Hirata, Yuji Moriya, Zhaoyin Wen…
Pages 44-52

Phase separation of intercalation electrodes
J. Yamaki, M. Egashira, S. Okada
Pages 53-61

Infrared and Raman spectroscopic investigation of Eu3+-doped mono and Di-urethanesil hybrid siliceous materials
M. C. Gonçalves, V. de Zea Bermudez, D. Ostrovskii, L. D. Carlos
Pages 62-72

An investigation of the morphological, electrical and optoelectronic properties of short chain Di-ureasils doped with Er3+ ions
S. M. Gomes Correia, V. de Zea Bermudez, R. A. Sá Ferreira, L. D. Carlos…
Pages 73-78

PEO-based composite lithium polymer electrolyte, PEO-BaTiO3-Li(C2F5SO2)2N
Q. Li, N. Imanishi, Y. Takeda, A. Hirano, O. Yamamoto
Pages 79-84

Combined XAS/SAXS/Electrochemical studies on the conformation of poly(vinylferrocene) under redox conditions
Walkiria S. Schlindwein, Aristea Kavvada, Roger G. Linford, Roger J. Latham…
Pages 85-91

Doped lithium nickel cobalt mixed oxides for the positive electrode in lithium ion batteries
C. Vogler, B. Löffler, W. Weirather, M. Wohlfahrt-Mehrens, J. Garche
Pages 92-99

Characterization and electrode behavior of LixCoO2(x>1)
N. Imanishi, M. Yamade, T. Ichikawa, A. Hirano, Y. Takeda
Pages 100-107

Application of novel SIMS technique for imaging the active sites of oxygen reduction at the SOFC cathode/electrolyte interfaces
Teruhisa Horita, Katsuhiko Yamaji, Natsuko Sakai, Yueping Xiong, Harumi Yokokawa…
Pages 108-117

Study of ammonia decomposition in a proton conducting solid electrolyte cell
S. Zisekas, G. Karagiannakis, G. Marnellos, M. Stoukides
Pages 118-122

Hydrogenation of carbon dioxide in a proton conducting cell reactor
G. Karagiannakis, S. Zisekas, M. Stoukides
Pages 123-127

Electrochemical promotion of NO reduction by propene on Pt/YSZ
B. Béguin, F. Gaillard, M. Primet, P. Vernoux, L. Bultel, M. Hénault, C. Roux…
Pages 128-135

Kinetics of the O2, Pt/YSZ interface at moderate temperature in the presence of C3H8 in the gas phase
L. Bultel, M. Hénault, C. Roux, E. Siebert, B. Béguin, F. Gaillard, M. Primet…
Pages 136-141

Reactive sputtering deposition and electrochemical characterisation of thin solid electrolyte membranes for solid oxide fuel cells
E. Wanzenberg, F. Tietz, L. G. J. de Haart, D. Kek, P. Panjan, D. Stöver
Pages 142-148

Synthesis and conductivities of the apatite-type systems, La9.33+xSi6−yMyO26+z (M=Co, Fe, Mn) and La8Mn2Si6O26
J. McFarlane, S. Barth, M. Swaffer, J. E. H. Sansom, Dr. P. R. Slater
Pages 149-154

IONICS Journal Vol. 8, No. 3-4 (2002)

 Effect of synthesis conditions on the morphology of MnO2 (α-, β-, γ-) synthesized by the hydrothermal-electrochemical method
L. I. Hill, H. Arrivé, D. Guyomard
Pages 161-171

How amorphous are the tin alloys in li-inserted tin oxides?
P. A. Connor, F. Belliard, M. Behm, L. G. Tovar, J. T. S. Irvine
Pages 172-176

Electrochemical properties of metal oxides as anode materials for lithium ion batteries
F. R. Lipparoni, F. Bonino, S. Panero, B. Scrosati
Pages 177-182

Sn(II)-Treated MoO3 as cathode material for rechargeable lithium batteries
A. M. Hashim, G. H. Wrodnigg, M. H. Askar, M. Winter, J. H. Albering…
Pages 183-191

Effect of the aluminium doping on the microstructure and morphology of LiNi0.5Co0.5O2 oxides
A. Castro-Couceiro, S. Castro-García, M. A. Señarís-Rodríguez, F. Soulette…
Pages 192-200

Polymer compatibility, phase separation and high ambient conductivity in low — dimensional polymer electrolyte blends with lithium salts
F. S. Chia, Y. Zheng, J. Liu, G. Ungar, P. V. Wright
Pages 201-209

Structural stability and conductivity of cubic (WO3)x - (Dy2O3)y-(Bi2O3)1−x−y
Su-Ho Jung, Eric D. Wachsman, Naixiong Jiang
Pages 210-214

P-Type electronic conduction in CeO2- and LaGaO3-based solid electrolytes
V. V. Kharton, A. A. Yaremchenko, A. P. Viskup, F. M. Figueiredo, A. L. Shaulo…
Pages 215-222

Ionic conductance behaviour of plasticized polymer electrolytes containing different plasticizers
Manoj Kumar, S. S. Sekhon
Pages 223-233

Investigation of the influence of solid ionic conductor admixtures on the performance of gas sensors based on tin oxide
A. Hetznecker, H. Kohler, U. Schönauer, U. Guth
Pages 234-243

Spectroscopic characterization of the mixed films TiO2-V2O5, used as counter electrodes in electrochromic devices and in liquid crystal cells
E. Cazzanelli, L. Papalino, S. Capoleoni, R. Ceccato, G. Carturan
Pages 244-251

Characterisation of novel anodes for solid oxide fuel cells based on oxygen-excess perovskite related structures

Jesús Canales-Vázquez, Wuzong Zhou, John T.S. Irvine
Pages 252-255

Crystal structure and electrical conductivity correlation in CaTi1−xFexO3−δ system
L. A. Dunyushkina, V. A. Gorbunov
Pages 256-261

Investigations on selected gallium and strontium doped lanthanum chromites as electrode materials for HC detection
R. Müller, J. Zosel, K. Ahlborn, U. Guth
Pages 262-266

Triple ion-type imidazolium salts: A new class of single-ion conductive matrix
Masahiro Yoshizawa, Hiroyuki Ohno
Pages 267-271

MnO2-polypyrrole conducting polymer composite electrodes for electrochemical redox supercapacitors
S. A. Hashmi, H. M. Updahyaya
Pages 272-277

Effect of V5+ in the complex Li3xLa2/3−xTiO3-LaPO4 system
H. Y. Liu, W. J. Wang, S. T. Wu
Pages 278-280

Solid state lithium ion conductors: Design considerations by thermodynamic approach
V. Thangadurai, W. Weppner
Pages 281-292

Influence of acceptor doping on ionic conductivity in alkali earth titanate perovskites
L. A. Dunyushkina, E. A. Mashkina, I. Yu. Nechaev, A. A. Babkina, N. O. Esina…
Pages 293-299

Simple method to determine electronic and ionic components of the conductivity in mixed conductors a review
R. A. Huggins
Pages 300-313

IONICS Journal Vol. 8, No. 5-6 (2002)

Sn-Sb and Sn-Bi alloys as anode materials for lithium-ion batteries
A. Trifonova, M. Wachtler, M. Winter, J. O. Besenhard
Pages 321-328

Structural stability in partially substituted lithium manganese spinel oxide cathode
Masataka Wakihara, Hiromasa Ikuta, Yoshiharu Uchimoto
Pages 329-338

Preparation of thin films using the tape-casting process for use in the solid oxide fuel cell
F. G. E. Jones, J. T. S. Irvine
Pages 339-343

Interfacial phenomena on the graphite-lithium electrode during the formation process and thermal aging
R. Yazami, A. Martinent, Y. Reynier
Pages 344-350

Malonic acid-assisted synthesis of LiNi0.8Co0.2O2 cathode active material for lithium-ion batteries
G. Ting-Kuo Fey, Zhi-Feng Wang, T. Prem Kumar
Pages 351-359

Development and investigation of perovskite (ABO3)-type oxides for power generation
V. Thangadurai, W. Weppner
Pages 360-371

Electrochemical promotion of conventional and bipolar reactor configurations for NO reduction
C. Pliangos, C. Raptis, I. Bolzonella, Ch. Comninellis, C. G. Vayenas
Pages 372-382

Optimised NASICON ceramics for Na+ sensing
R. O. Fuentes, F. Figueiredo, F. M. B. Marques, J. I. Franco
Pages 383-390

The detection of hydrogen in molten aluminium
D. P. Lapham, C. Schwandt, M. P. Hills, R. V. Kumar, D. J. Fray
Pages 391-401

A study of formation of solid ionic conductors in the mixed system (CdI2)b[(Ag2O)·(CrO3)]100-b (20≤b≤80)
S. A. Suthanthiraraj, A. C. Ganeshkumar
Pages 402-411

The study of lithium fast ion conductors of Li3xLa0.67−xScyTi1−2yNbyO3 system
Ronghua Li, Ruiting Chen, Wenji Wang
Pages 412-415

The effect of local inhomogeneities on the performance of solid ionic devices
D. P. Korfiatis, S. F. Potamianou, K. A. Th Thoma
Pages 416-420

On the fractal nature of frequency dispersion of the impedance of the interface tellurium/electrolyte
M. A. Giraev, R. M. Guseinov
Pages 421-425

Ion transport and solid state battery studies on a new silver molybdate superionic glass system: x[0.75AgI: 0.25AgCl]: (1-x)[Ag2O: MoO3]
R. C. Agrawal, M. L. Verma, R. K. Gupta, R. Kumar, R. M. Chandola
Pages 426-432

Structural studies and ionic conductivity of lithium iodide-lithium tungstate solid electrolytes
A. H. Ahmad, A. K. Arof
Pages 433-438

Polarisation conductivity of the O2,Pt/Zr(Y)O2 and H2-H2O, Pt/Zr(Y)O2 electrodes
S. Shkerin, S. Gormsen, M. Mogensen
Pages 439-446

Evaluation of fuels for the synthesis of Li2CoMn3O8
N. Kalaiselvi, M. Ashok Kumar, M. S. Prasath, N. G. Renganathan, M. Raghavan…
Pages 447-452

Performance evaluation of PVdF gel polymer electrolytes
P. Periasamy, K. Tatsumi, N. Kalaiselvi, M. Shikano, T. Fiyieda, Y. Saito…
Pages 453-460

About ionic conductivity/diffusion relationships in yttria doped zirconia
C. Monty
Pages 461-469

Investigation of the Ag2SO4 — BaSO4 binary system from an SOx sensor point of view
K. Singh, R. V. Joat, S. S. Bhoga
Pages 470-478